414407_10150575995580887_1225618858_oHello, my name is Arnt Obsidian Gronbech and I started my musical career as a guitarist in my band Keep Of Kalessin in my teens. In 2002 I was hired by norwegian metal band Satyricon for their live line-up and I did about 1000 shows together with them before I quit in 2007.

After quitting Satyricon, I focused my time and energy on building Keep Of Kalessin further and has since then written and produced albums that have recieved high acclaim in the metal community as well as two nominations to the norwegian grammy awards, second place on the norwegian charts and a third place in the norwegian finals of Eurovision Song Contest.

You can see videos here and here.

In 2012, I started focusing more on other projects and I’m now using most of my time building my own investment company as well as being well on the way on my entrepreneurial career.

I also help educate people in personal development, entrepreneurial mindset as well as helping young artists understand the music industry.

Because of this, this blog will be quite diverse as music, business, technology, investments and personal development are all things that I’m interested in.

Hope you enjoy your stay on my site and feel free to contact me on the form below if you’d like to get in touch!



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